“If you want to be genuinely kind, you have to be of actual benefit - nobody wants to be the recipient of “help” that isn’t really helpful - and you have to provide that benefit in a way that shows respect and empathy for the other person’s needs.”
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

The Other Kind of Family Lawyer - Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs

Welcome to my law firm's website: All of us at JanZagerLaw are committed to the practice of kind and effective law that provides real benefits to real people about what really matters.  Our clients come to us to preserve their dignity as they age, to protect their loved ones with disabilities and to provide responsible and financially savvy legacy when they're gone.    Over our years of practice, we have learned that all families are complex and, increasingly, non-traditional. We work with parents who are concerned about their kids and adult kids concerned about their parents. We work with couples trying to juggle and protect their children from prior relationships and assets from prior lives.  Increasingly, we get called in where one spouse faces declining health and capacity and the other needs to plan for both of them. And when someone dies, family members call because they need legal advice on how to administer the estate. Once you work with us, you have invested in us and we have invested in you:  we want you to feel comfortable bringing us your cares and concerns in the future.  

To provide you with the kind of advice, documents and representation you deserve, we take the time to get to know you and what you care about.  We meet without a clock's running and take the time to be able to craft recommendations designed for you. You deserve to understand what we have developed for you so we  spend the time with you to make sure you do understand.  Legal work is not easy and can’t come cheaply.  But you don’t need to pay for fancy downtown offices, extensive staffing and  services big businesses need from their counsel.  Our resources go into the equipment, software and education to serve you. Our office is on suburban Mercer Island with free parking. We have appointment availability in the evenings and on the weekend.  We also provide a lot of information on this site to save you time and to help you formulate questions for us as well as identify the people, pets, art, collections, and property you cherish.

We look forward to meeting you and having your family become part of our family.  It's about the things that really matter.