“If you want to be genuinely kind, you have to be of actual benefit - nobody wants to be the recipient of “help” that isn’t really helpful - and you have to provide that benefit in a way that shows respect and empathy for the other person’s needs.”
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Client Forms

To begin your planning process, we need to know about you.  (Think of it as similar to a doctor's needing to get a medical history from you.)  Click and open the appropriate form below and you can print out the form immediately or save it to your computer and then print.  Fill it out (or call us if you need to make an appointment with one of the lovely JanZagerLaw assistants) and either send it back to intake@janzagerlaw.com or bring it with you to your appointment.
Estate Planning Questionnaire

Elder Law Planning Questionnaire

Special Education / Special Needs Questionnaire