“If you want to be genuinely kind, you have to be of actual benefit - nobody wants to be the recipient of “help” that isn’t really helpful - and you have to provide that benefit in a way that shows respect and empathy for the other person’s needs.”
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Estate Planning

“I need to write my will.  I just have been putting it off.  Maybe next year.”
Estate Planning may sound forbidding, a bit boring or at least depressing.  But what is really involved in estate planning---thinking about yourself and your family, your business, your health, your finances---is not only important stuff that you ought to be thinking about, it's also an opportunity to think through some big family issues and  to talk to your loved ones about them.  Estate Planning is working out how you will Preserve Dignity, Protect Family and Provide Legacy.  At JanZagerLaw, we are your advisor and guide through this process and the architect of the plan that captures what you want in clear, effective and legally binding ways.
Estate Planning is life planning.  It is an activity, not a set of documents.  
Preserve Dignity--- Isn’t it frustrating when someone doesn’t hear what you’re saying? When that person (or institution) doesn’t do what you want?  If you are present, you can change how you talk and what you say in an attempt to communicate more effectively.  But what happens if you are not there?  Or if you are, but can’t speak for yourself?
An essential part of the estate planning process is clarifying to yourself and others what is important to you.  You think through how you care for yourself and your loved ones, how you conduct business and how you manage your property and assets.  And you can save your family much of the heartache of making end of life decisions for you, by providing clear direction and priorities.
At JanZagerLaw, we work with you to articulate these values and decisions so that they are alive to others when you are not there to speak for yourself and control what happens to you and your property.
Protect Family--- Whether it’s a bad decision, bad luck or just the tax man, you don’t have to gamble on how your family and loved ones will handle the money or property you have worked hard for and value. At JanZagerLaw, we will design a plan for your family that takes every person's needs, challenges and advantages in mind. 
Preserve Legacy Your legacy to your loved ones and community is how you will be remembered.  Make sure your values live on and you give what you have to whom you want, when you want and the way you want.  We will work with you to make your legacy an ethical and financially savvy one.  Whether your plan is designed around what remains of your retirement accounts after you are gone, a life insurance-based approach, real estate, or any other form of investment or assets (and, of course, any combination of these), at JanZagerLaw, we design plans that minimize taxes, court costs, and professional fees for administration as they maximize benefits to your loved ones for generations to come.